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Lotta St Joan

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»Song for the Undecided«

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Album Release Concert

  • Lotta St Joan - Album Release Concert (Full Band)
    Lotta St Joan - Album Release Concert (Full Band)
    Sat, Mar 23
    Mar 23, 2024, 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
    Berlin, Berliner Allee 184, 13088 Berlin, Germany
    Anlässlich der Veröffentlichung ihres zweiten Albums "Song for the Undecided" kommen Lotta St Joan und ihre Band für ein exklusives Konzert in der Pfarrkirche Weißensee zusammen.



January 21st.          Berlin, Feature Act Kindl Stuben (full band)

March 13th.             Halle, Cafe Ludwig /w Like Mint

March 14th.             Hamburg, Deichdiele /w Like Mint

March 15th.             Osnabrück, Jever Song Night

March 16th.             Den Haag, The Quiet Sessions

March 23rd.            Berlin, Album Release Show (full band)

April 20th.               Berlin, Space Meduza


Lotta St Joan makes modern folk music for melancholic souls. She has been composing, producing and performing her songs since 2019. Her music is reminiscent of classic folk greats such as Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, while also allowing for contemporary influences such as those of Laura Marling, Daughter and Adrianne Lenker.

In January 2021, Lotta released her self-produced debut album "HANDS", firmly establishing herself in the Berlin folk scene. The album received positive reviews from Deutschlandfunk Kultur, RadioEins, Radio Fritz, Folk Radio, Music Reviews and many more.

During 2021 Lotta St Joan wrote her sophomore album, which was produced in spring of 2022 at The Famous Gold Watch Studio by Cameron James Laing and will be out in March 2024.

Lotta St Joan has been part of the Berlin-based label collective The Famous Gold Watch Records since October 2020.

debut album

Deutschlandfunk Kultur: "Imagine Joni Mitchell or Jody Collins had a musical granddaughter. That would be Lotta St Joan. Very quiet, melancholic, romantic folk songs. You feel transported back to the campfires in the folk movement of the 60s - and then this insanely beautiful voice." (Oliver Schwesig)

RadioEins: "Lotta St Joan impresses with her solo debut HANDS in many ways, including her unflinching calm. I am thrilled by her calmness, by her intensity, by her avoidance of song clichés. Her reflections on closeness, on doubts, and also on desires take on an immensely credible, relevant dimension." (Christine Heise)

RoadTracks: "Hands," the debut solo album from Lotta St Joan, is a perfectly orchestrated finger exercise in classic folk aesthetics, songwriting economy, performing empathy and staging reduction to essentials."

RadioEins: "Guitar and vocals, that's all Lotta St Joan needs and is very close to the great Joan Baez. A very beautiful, a very fragile, a very quiet album - we highly recommend [...] HANDS." (Marion Brasch)


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